1. August 11, 2023

    AWS AppSync uses Velocity Template Language (VTL) to bridge GraphQL and DynamoDB, providing a seamless and efficient data transformation experience for developers. Learn about key VTL functionalities like $ctx and $util for optimized DynamoDB operations.

  2. July 24, 2023

    While AWS CloudFormation offers a tried-and-true method for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using JSON or YAML templates, the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) emerges as a flexible alternative, allowing developers to craft infrastructure using popular programming languages, making it a top choice for modern IaC projects.

  3. July 18, 2023

    Explore a comprehensive comparison between AWS AppSync and API Gateway in this article. Learn about their features, pricing, and use-cases, and get the information you need to make the right decision for your API development project.

  4. July 17, 2023

    Dive into this practical guide on how to integrate AWS CDK with GitHub Actions for streamlined deployments, including step-by-step instructions, potential pitfalls, and their solutions.

  5. July 10, 2023

    The AWS CDK Toolkit is a command line interface that allows developers to work with CDK apps and stacks; this article will outline all the basics you need to know to effectively work with the 'cdk' command.

  6. July 09, 2023

    How to get started with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to define cloud infrastructure through code. Covers initializing a CDK app, finding constructs in the API reference, writing infrastructure code, and deploying stacks using the CDK toolkit.

  7. July 08, 2023

    Introduction to the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), explaining key benefits like infrastructure as code, higher level abstractions, and local tooling (with a simple CDK app example).